Pierre Ltd.

your remarkable cigar life




Pierre Ltd. is engaged in the distribution of remarkable products on the Korean market.  By remarkable, we mean products that carry outstanding level of craftsmanship along with significant brand recognition.   By remarkable, we also thrive to create a meaningful shopping experience to clients, because we believe that creating an original and enjoyable wholesale and retail landscape is not only necessary but valuable to our patrons. 

In 1995, Pierre Ltd. introduced Cuban cigars, also named Habanos, to the Korean market.

We believe that, in a country focused on industrial growth, good time is not a luxury but a state of mind. Cigar industry is timeless; smoking premium cigars still remains a symbol of sophistication, pleasant social moment to share with friends, while fostering attention to a complex product that always requires exploration, study and practice. 

Cigars are sophisticated companions for a cultural entertaining moment.